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Fort Bengħisa

Fort Bengħisa (il-Fortizza ta’ Bengħajsa) is a British-era fort overlooking the southern coast of Malta. It is located very close to the Freeport, overlooking the stretch of cliffs between Għar Ħasan and Wied ix-Xaqqa. Its original intention was to operate as part of other fortifications

Saint Paul’s Tower

Saint Paul’s Tower is a defensive tower, often referred to as Ta’ Bettina Tower or Delimara Tower. It is adjacent to the Chapel of Saint Paul’s Shipwreck. A notable feature of the tower is the “gallariji tal-misħun”, small openings around the tower’s upper floors designed

Valletta City Gate

The Valletta City Gate is the main entrance to the capital city. It is located in the centre of the land-facing fortifications of the city, and serves as the principal entryway to Valletta for tourists and locals alike. It connects Triton Square to Republic Street.