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Saint Paul’s Islands

Saint Paul’s Islands (il-Gżejjer ta’ San Pawl) are a group of small islands just off the coast of Mellieha in the north of Malta. Their original name is Selmunett, which connotes a diminutive version of Selmun, which is the name given to the area on the coast off which they are located.

In actuality, this is a single island which is connected only via a narrow passageway at one point. Depending on the fluctuations in sea level, this passageway is sometimes submersed and so gives the impression that the there is more than a single island.

Tradition states that Saint Paul, one of the most prominent figures in Christianity was shipwrecked on the islands in the year 60AD on his way to Rome. A statue on the islands commemorates this tradition.

A knights-era defensive tower was present on the islands, but now lays in ruins, close to the statue of Saint Paul. Records show that a farmer lived on the island up until the 1930s.