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Tag: Birżebbuġa

Benghisa Quarry Inlet

Hewn into the Ħal Far Cliffs along the southern coast of Malta a small unexpected bay can be found. This is located around the area known as Benghisa (Bengħajsa in Maltese) and is very close to an old quarry which has recently been turned into a solar farm. This small

Hourglass Shaped Cave

A notable feature of the stretch of cliffs along the south coast of Malta, most notably the Ħal Far Cliffs, is the presence of the number of caves with interesting rock formations. A bit further south from the famous Għar Ħasan Cave is a lesser-known, as yet unnamed cave which

Ħal Far Cliffs

Situated along the southern coast of Malta, the Ħal Far cliffs offer a picturesque view of the coastline flanked by a a side of Filfla not commonly visible. They are a continuation of the more easily accessible Dingli Cliffs situated further north, and stretch from Wied Żnuber to Fort Bengħisa.

Fort Bengħisa

Fort Bengħisa (il-Fortizza ta’ Bengħajsa) is a British-era fort overlooking the southern coast of Malta. It is located very close to the Freeport, overlooking the stretch of cliffs between Għar Ħasan and Wied ix-Xaqqa. Its original intention was to operate as part of other fortifications designed to protect Marsaxlokk Harbour.

Għar Ħasan

Għar Ħasan (Hasan Cave) is a natural cave formed in the cliffs along the southern coast of Malta. It is in one of the southern-most points in mainland Malta, and offers panoramic views of the surrounding cliffs. The cave itself offers unusual rock formations which are the result of water