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Il-Munqar is a rock formation found in the outskirts of Żurrieq. The structure of this rock formation assimilates a beak. In fact, the word ‘munqar’ translates to beak. Il-Munqar is part of a cliff formation that leads to Wied Babu and is very near to

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is the most popular part of Comino, and arguable one of the most popular spots in the Maltese Islands. It offers some of the clearest waters in the country giving it its characteristic hues of blue. Its local name is Bejn il-Kmiemen

Taħt il-Mazz

Taħt il-Mazz is a cove located between directly under Saint Mary’s Tower and Crystal Lagoon. It is a popular area for boat charters, fishermen and all those seeking to appreciate the beauty of Comino’s cliffs. The P31 wreck is located on the seabed, making also

Saint Paul’s Islands

Saint Paul’s Islands (il-Gżejjer ta’ San Pawl) are a group of small islands just off the coast of Mellieha in the north of Malta. Their original name is Selmunett, which connotes a diminutive version of Selmun, which is the name given to the area on

Dwejra Bay

Dwejra Bay is the area in north-western Gozo bound by the mainland coast in the vicinities of Dwejra Tower and Fungus Rock. It is an area which offers a spectacular view, and is only a short distance away from the more popular Inland Sea and

Saint Peter’s Pool

Saint Peter’s Pool is a small cove situated in the Delimara peninsula in Marsaxlokk. Its original name is Il-Kalanka tal-Qâli, and is renowned for its pool shape and crystal clear blue waters. The area is very popular for cliff diving, due to the deep waters

Latnija Cave

Latnija Cave is located in the Aħrax peninsula in the north of Malta. It is sometimes referred to as Għar Tuta, translated literally to “cave of blackberries”. This hints that blackberries could have been harvested in the area. Għar Tuta and Latnija are used to

Benghisa Quarry Inlet

Hewn into the Ħal Far Cliffs along the southern coast of Malta a small unexpected bay can be found. This is located around the area known as Benghisa (Bengħajsa in Maltese) and is very close to an old quarry which has recently been turned into

Hourglass Shaped Cave

A notable feature of the stretch of cliffs along the south coast of Malta, most notably the Ħal Far Cliffs, is the presence of the number of caves with interesting rock formations. A bit further south from the famous Għar Ħasan Cave is a lesser-known,

Ħal Far Cliffs

Situated along the southern coast of Malta, the Ħal Far cliffs offer a picturesque view of the coastline flanked by a a side of Filfla not commonly visible. They are a continuation of the more easily accessible Dingli Cliffs situated further north, and stretch from